Your rent is calculated monthly and should be paid in advance before the 28th of the month.


The rent you pay is used in four main ways to:


- pay for repairs and maintenance to your home.

- set aside some money each year to pay for larger repairs. 

- manage the Association and your home.

- repay any money we have borrowed to build or improve your home.


You can pay your rent:


- by Direct Debit. We can provide you with a form, just complete and return it to us and we can set this up with your bank.

- in cash/card at any PayPoint or post office with your Allpay card.

- by your Debit or Credit card

- phone or call into the office and use our new and improved Payment System – Callpay.

This an easy, safe and faster way for you to make your rent payments.

- by phoning 0844 557 8321 (24hrs) with your Allpay Card.

- online at our website with your Allpay card.

- by Direct Payments – if you are receiving Housing Benefit this can be paid directly to the Association 

- by post – you can send cheques and postal orders to our offices – remember to write your name, address and reference number on the back.


Do not send cash through the post.


Difficulties paying your Rent


The association has a dedicated Rent Team who monitor accounts to ensure rent is being paid, but they are also there to assist you if you find yourself in financial difficulties.


It is important that you pay your rent on time. If you are finding it difficult to pay or have fallen into arrears the most important thing to do is to contact the rent team.


Most problems with rent arrears can be sorted if early action is taken. If you are in arrears we can agree a suitable arrangement to pay off the debt. All discussions will be treated confidentially.


If you are on Income Support or have a low income you may be entitled to Housing Benefit. This can cover all or part of your rent depending on your household income and how much rent you pay.


We also have specialised staff who provide advice on money matters and other benefits at both our offices, if you require assistance or are struggling to make your rent payments please ask for assistance


Remember, if you do not contact us or keep to arrangements made, the Association may be forced to take legal action that could result in you losing your home.  












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