The responsibility for looking after your home is shared between you and the Association. We are committed to providing a high quality service and completing repairs within timescales. This section tells you what you can expect from us and how to get the best from the service.


Our Responsibilities Include:

- The structure and fabric of your house.

- Fixtures and fittings supplied by the Association , for instance, kitchen units.

- Installations provided by the Association for instance, central heating.

- Common areas e.g. bin areas.


Remember if any of the above are damaged because of your negligence, the cost of the repair or replacement will be charged to you.


Your Responsibilities Include:

- Anything that belongs to you.

- Internal decoration.

- Light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starters, fuses and sink plugs.

- Blocked sinks and waste pipes if caused by your negligence.

- Replacing batteries in smoke detectors.

- Replacing locks and keys if you lose your keys.

- Make good damage caused by your appliance, for instance, your washing machine floods.

- Replacing broken window unless reported to the Police as criminal damage.

- Any deliberate damage or vandalism by you, a member of your household or a visitor to your home.

- Television equipment owned or rented by you including digital receivers.


You can report a repair by:

- Calling 0800 595 595

- Visiting your local office.

- Telephoning one of our offices.

- Writing to the Association.

- Speaking to a member of staff.

- By e-mailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


When reporting a repair please give as much information as possible about the repair required and access arrangements.

We will inform you regarding details of the work ordered, the timescale within which we will complete the repair and the name of the contractor who will carry out the work. Repairs are classified into three categories with different timescales.


Emergency Repairs

These are repairs that present immediate risks to your safety, secunty or health or could lead to serious damage to the property. Examples include:

- Flooding.

- Total electric failure.

- Fires.

- Major structural damage.

- Blocked drains causing flooding to the property.

- Blocked toilet when there is no other toilet to use in the house.

- Lack of heating in winter.


We aim to attend and make safe all emergencies within 4 hours and complete any follow up work within 24 hours.


Urgent Repairs

This applies to any repair that needs to be completed quickly but is not an immediate risk to health or the safety of the property. Examples include:

- Partial loss of electricity.

- Leaking roof.

- Loss of water or heating in the summer.


We aim to complete urgent repairs within 3 working days of them being reported.


Routine Repairs

These are everyday repairs. Examples include:

- Plasterwork.

- Repairs to kitchen units.

- Joinery repairs.


Our target for routine repairs is to complete them, within 5 working days of being reported.


Fire Alarms

We have fitted smoke alarms in your home to help detect fires before they become dangerous. Remember to test your smoke alarm at least once a week. If it is not working make sure you test the batteries before contacting the Association.


Right to Repair

The Association operates a Right to Repair Policy whereby if work is not carried out within the agreed time scale the tenant could qualify for compensation. For further details please contact your local office.


Burst Pipes

You can help us by finding out where the mains water stopcock is. If you are not sure, please ask and we will come and help you. If you have a leak turn off your water off at the the stopcock.


Power Cuts

First try unplugging all your electrical appliances and resetting the trip switch (installed). If this does not work, then do one of the following: Check to see if the power cut affected other people in your street.  If yes, contact Scottish power by phoning 0845 27 27 999. If the problem only affects your home then call the Association.


Cyclical Maintenance

In addition to the reported repairs we operate a programme of cyclical maintenance - this means that we will carry out work at set periods such as servicing

gas heating appliances annually, inspecting roofs and cleaning gutters of tenements annually, terraced and semi detached properties every 2 years and inspecting electrics every ten years.











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