ng2 is a social enterprise company set up by ng homes in 2010. Since its establishment, it has made a big impact in the local area.
The company, which trades as ng2, recruits local people and develops their skills through a range of industry specific training, and provides much sought after employment in the area.
"It's great to see local people benefiting from this initiative. ng2 provides high quality training and the prospect of real jobs. It also provides services to our tenants, owners occupiers and the wider North Glasgow Community"
Robert Tamburrini
ng homes, CEO


The company is managed by a Board made up of local community members and Senior Officers of the Association. Any and all profits are returned to the Association to subsidise, develop and deliver new services.

The services that ng2 provide include:
• Close cleaning
• Bulk uplift
• Stair lighting
• Void property repairs (electrical and joinery)
• Environmental hit squad
• Painting services
• Concierge recruitment and deployment
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