Buildings Insurance


All homeowners are legally bound by their Deed of Conditions to ensure that they have an up to date buildings insurance policy.  


ng Property Scotland (Limited) has established a block policy for buildings insurance and subsequently invoices the annual insurance premium on a quarterly basis. A copy of the policy schedule is available upon request.


Where the Title Deeds clearly stipulate, ng Property Scotland (Limited) will arrange the common block insurance policy In compliance with the Title Deeds, applications to opt out of the block policy will not be granted.


Where the Title Deeds are unclear, in order to protect the interests of all homeowners, ng Property Scotland (Limited) will again arrange the common block insurance policy.


Opting out of the block policy will only be considered where:-


- The Title Deeds do not obligate the Factor to provide this service.

- The Homeowner has submitted to the factor details of appropriate alternative insurance cover which explicitly states that all  common parts are covered. These details must be renewed and submitted on an annual basis.

- Where Homeowners fail to submit these on an annual basis, or where the policy does not provide the appropriate cover for the  common parts, we will reinstate the common block policy and appropriate charges as a matter of course.


Contents Insurance

The buildings insurance described above does not cover the personal contents of your home. Where you do not benefit from any form of Contents Insurance provided by ng Property Scotland (Limited) , it is strongly recommended that you make your own arrangements for insuring the contents of your home.











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