Most accidents occur in the home. A few simple precautions will help to keep you and your family safe.


- Try not to leave electrical cables and flexes trailing.

- Remember to keep medicines and other hazardous substances out of the reach of children.

- When cooking never leave pot handles sticking out over the edge of the cooker.

- Use steps to reach high areas rather than standing on chairs or other unstable objects.

- Be careful when doing DIY and home repairs - use a circuit breaker for any power tools.



- Put out any cigarettes or naked flames

- Switch off all gas appliances and turn gas off at the mains (usually beside your gas meter).

- Do not turn on any lights or electrical switches.

- Open doors and windows to let the gas escape.

- Phone Transco on their emergency number 0800 111 999.

- If you own any gas appliances make sure they are repaired and serviced by an approved trades person.


Home Security

To help you to feel secure in your home, we suggest you follow some precautions against break-ins and burglaries:

- Always lock windows & doors.

- If you are going away for more than a day or two cancel any deliveries of milk and papers.

- Don't leave valuables lying around where they can be seen and try not to keep large amounts of cash in your home

- If you have a door entry system make sure the main entrance is always kept locked and secure.

- Ask for identification before inviting anyone into your home

- If you feel unsure or suspicious don't let them in.

- If you feel threatened don't hesitate to call the police.

- Neighbourhood Watch schemes can add to the overall safety of an area

- If you are interested, contact the local police or Crime Prevention Officer who will give you information about setting up a scheme.


Fire Prevention

Some of the most common causes of fire can be easily avoided:

- Empty ashtrays into a metal bin.

- Disconnect all electrical appliances that you don't need to leave on overnight.

- Don't smoke in bed.

- Don't leave clothes drying near the fire.


If there is a fire in your house:

- Close the door of the room where the fire is to stop the flames spreading

- Get everyone out immediately, warning neighbours and others in the building.

- Call 999 for Fire Service, give your exact address, don't go back into the house until Fire-fighters advise it is safe.











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