Everyone has the right to enjoy life in their own way as long as they do not cause problems for people living nearby. We have a right to live peacefully in our home and we all have a responsibility to be a good neighbour. By being a responsible owner and good neighbour, you are helping to improve community spirit in your neighbourhood.


 It is important to accept and understand the different lifestyles of other people. If you have a problem with a neighbour, you should try to speak to them about the situation. We all want to get along with each other but it is not always easy. The pressures of modern life mean we all have our off days and we need to make a special effort to get along.


Being anti-social, causing trouble or bothering our neighbours stops them from enjoying their home.


Antisocial behaviour is unacceptable. You are responsible for the behaviour of everyone (including children) living in or visiting your home. You are responsible for them while they are in your home or garden, and also while they are in the surrounding area (including shared areas).


Think about your neighbours and try to be open-minded. Remember that some people cannot easily stop some behaviour (e.g. babies crying).


  • If you own a pet, always try to keep your pet under control so as not to cause a nuisance to anyone in your neighbourhood.
  • Do not leave animals alone for a long time and take care to make sure that your pet does not foul in public places or cause any damage.
  • Try to carry out noisy activities such as DIY jobs during the hours of 8am to 7pm weekdays/Saturdays and 10am to 5pm Sundays.
  • Keep the volume on hi-fi, radios and televisions as low as possible, especially at night.
  • Place loudspeakers, fridges and freezers well away from joining walls.
  • Make sure your burglar alarm is set to turn off after 20 minutes and make sure a key holder can be contacted if it goes off while you are on holiday.
  • Do not burn garden waste or have a barbeque when your neighbour has washing out to dry. Have the fire where the smoke and smell are least likely to blow onto neighbouring properties.
  • When you park your vehicle, be sure not to block anyone's access, and avoid slamming your doors.


We can all help to keep a friendly relationship with our neighbours by talking with them often; listening to any problems they have and talking to them to help find solutions. Let your neighbours know of any work or parties that may affect them.

Great neighbours make for great neighbourhoods.











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