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ng2 is a wholly-owned subsidiary company that delivers a range of services for North Glasgow HA including close cleaning, bulk pull-through and de-littering of back courts. The company also employs an environmental ‘Hit Squad’ who carry out both planned and reactive work to ensure that the environment in and around the Association’s properties is maintained in a safe condition.
The Hit Squad also operate the SWINGO machine which supports the work of the Council’s Cleansing service in terms of street and pavement cleaning and addressing specific problems like dog fouling.
ng2 staff are also deployed in the Concierge service in all of the Association’s multi-storey flats.
We also employ Joiners and an Electrician who carry out repairs to void properties and all of the Association’s premises, and we have recently appointed a Painting Supervisor who will be overseeing the work requested by the Association and training ng2 staff in painting and decorating.
Pat Bradley, ng2’s Facilities and Contracts Manager explains:
“ng2 is a Social Enterprise which exists to deliver high-quality services for the Association, its tenants and residents. Any surplus that may be generated by ng2 is gifted back to the Association for re-investment within the community for the benefit of all residents in North Glasgow.
¨We work closely with Glasgow City Building who deliver training to ensure that ng2 trainees develop the skills, knowledge and experience required to achieve the SVQ Level 2 in Facilities Management.¨
More than 50 unemployed people have benefited from this training since ng2’s inception in the summer of 2010 and the Company currently employs over 40 people in full-time jobs in the north of Glasgow.
The Company anticipates continued growth in the years ahead in both the range of services and jobs.
ng2 facts:
• The first 8 full-time employees were appointed in February 2011 and the company currently employs more than 40 people
• 464 closes cleaned every week. That’s over 24,000 closes a year, climbing over 1.2 million stairs!
• Between the SWINGO and the Green Machine they remove on average 4 cubic tonnes of refuse from the streets and pavements every week


ng2 services include:
• Close Cleaning
• Bulk pull through (tenements)
• Bin area clean-ups
• Back courts de-littering
• Environmental Hit Squad
• Void property repairs & maintenance
• Stair Lighting contract
• Concierge recruitment


The main aims of the Social Enterprise Company are to deliver:
• High-quality effective and efficient services for the Association
• Training and create employment opportunities for local unemployed people
• Measurable community benefits in the North Glasgow area




Hawthorn Street Sheltered Housing Complex was featured in Housing Scotland, the magazine of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations.
The focus was on how the complex aims to help older people continue living independently.
Tenants live in their own apartments with any care and support they need coming directly to them.
There are 58 self-contained flats, arranged over two floors, of which 40 are mainstream sheltered housing and 18 are for Very Sheltered Housing.
The complex is managed by staff from North Glasgow Housing Association who look after the residents with Richmond Fellowship staff providing personal care for those in the Very Sheltered flats.
The flats form part of a larger complex with communal facilities including a residents’ lounge, laundry, a conservatory and garden space. This provides many opportunities for residents to socialise.
North Glasgow Housing Association has plans to completely redecorate and refurbish both the residents’ homes and the communal facilities at Hawthorn Street.
Within every Very Sheltered apartment there is an alarm linked to a 24 hour control centre, giving added peace of mind, that help is always at hand. The article featured two residents - John Clay, a sprightly 92-year-old who has lived at Hawthorn Street since 2006, and Jessie Wallace who has lived in the complex for seven years. John, originally from Sierra Leone, has met the Queen, Prince Phillip and Pope John Paul II in a fascinating life. Jessie is regarded as an unsung hero at Hawthorn Street, always busy helping others. She says: “I really enjoy living here and there’s always something going on, from singing breakfasts to fish supper nights, there’s never a dull moment.”
Jessie has noticed a big improvement in the grounds at Hawthorn Street since North Glasgow HA took charge just under a year ago. She says: “The grassed areas around the complex are kept neat and tidy thanks to ng2 who are here at least once a week and the conservatory and garden area also looks really good.”
Assistant Gemma Plommer, Manager Sharon Hazlett and Housing Support Officer Chris Quayle also featured.
Staff at Hawthorn Very Sheltered always embrace opportunities to involve the residents at the complex. An example of this was when they helped bake scones and cakes with the residents to take part in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care.

These before and after pictures clearly illustrate the amazing transformation of the Gourlay Street Sheltered Housing complex.
Tenants living there are delighted with the major changes made during the first phase of the planned improvements.
As you can see from the pictures, the front entrance of the building is now more accessible with a new ramp leading to a newly constructed porch entrance and reception area.
The backcourt is now more readily accessible from the common room following the construction of another new ramp and the double bi-folding patio access glazed doors means light floods into the room.

The contrast between the old and new interiors is absolutely stunning.
During the improvements, a new Warden’s Office was created and a new laundry area has also been introduced.
The CCTV system has been upgraded with additional cameras installed providing 24-hour coverage.
The next stage of the improvements has started and will see further upgrading of the backcourt area with new lighting, surface conditions and drainage.
New seating areas will be installed and improvements also made to the drying areas.
The smiles on the faces of tenants who had popped in to use the new community space for their weekly armchair aerobics class show just how delighted they are with the transformation.
Warden Jim Vernel said: “The residents think the transformation is absolutely fantastic and we now have direct and easy access to the backcourt. The patio windows are a wonderful addition and are a particular advantage when the weather is nice.
“The access to the front is also much more welcoming and user friendly. It is really quite amazing - a completely different place.”


North Glasgow tenant John Daly got a welcome surprise when new Housing Officer for his area Marjorie Robertson popped in to wish him a Happy 90th Birthday.
John says: “Its just another birthday to me but everybody seems to be making a big fuss of it. I’ve had a nice time right enough”.
Marjorie said: “It was interesting to hear Mr Daly’s stories of his time in the Services as a young man and also when he worked in the Saracen Foundry. Like any Housing Officer I like to get to know my tenants and so it was good to have a chat with Mr Daly over a cup of tea”.











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