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A crack down on irresponsible owners who refuse to clean up after their pets has been launched by Clean Glasgow.

As well as continuing to issue fixed penalty notices to those caught in the act, teams from Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Community and Safety Services will, for the first time, use CCTV and witness statements to issue them retrospectively. Dog wardens will uplift animals that are stray or not under proper control.

Clean Glasgow will work with landlords, where possible - and use antisocial behaviour legislation where it is not – to tackle persistent offenders.
Ultimately, this may mean going to court to remove an animal permanently, if offenders do not respond to other sanctions.
Teams will tackle hotspots identified by communities.

People are being encouraged to identify and report owners who do not clean up after their dogs. The hotline number is 0800 027 7027.

Leader of Glasgow City Council, Councillor Gordon Matheson said: “People hate dog fouling because it has a really negative impact on how they view their city, their street or even their own close. “It is dirty, dangerous and antisocial. It is also completely unnecessary and, through the Clean Glasgow campaign, we need to take it seriously. “For some reason, a minority of people think this behaviour is perfectly acceptable. Even worse, they think they’ll never be caught.

“I want to turn that on its head. We are going to target dog fouling with a much heavier hand - using intense resources; enforcement officers, CCTV and direct communication with local residents.

“We will chase payment from people who are fined; we will impound dogs if they are not under proper care and control, and we will use every tool in the box to confront persistent offenders.

“Ultimately, that will mean going to court to argue that some people are just not fit to look after an animal – and to put their dog into a better home where it will be properly cared for.”

Since the launch last October of the new Scotcash service in the offices of North Glasgow Housing Association, many tenants and residents have benefited from affordable loans and access to financial advice. The Association and Scotcash have been working together on an innovative six-month pilot to bring financial services closer to tenants and help reduce the cost of borrowing. The service also helps provide access to money advice and credit union savings accounts. Emma Paterson from Scotcash is now a familiar face in the Association’s Springburn office and she has seen over 400 people. Many clients are single parents dependent on benefits and may have previously had to rely on very expensive forms of credit, paying up to 272% APR or even more in some cases.
Since opening on 24th October 2012, Scotcash has made over 100 loans worth almost £55,000. On a like for like loan with an expensive door step lender this has meant a saving of £3,282 for tenants and residents, which is more money in their pockets at a time when incomes are being squeezed.
Many have also been able to get advice on debt and help with their finances as a result of the new service, which can make a big difference in addressing financial worries.
Emma explained: “Many people think they have no option but to pay huge amounts of interest to borrow. We are hopefully beginning to raise awareness in North Glasgow that there is an alternative and that the more affordable choice is Scotcash.” Emma is available to see clients Monday – Friday 10am till 4pm and you can book an appointment by calling the Scotcash office on 0141 276 0525.

Two Possil youngsters had a day out to remember when they were chosen as mascots for the Scottish Communities League Cup semi-final between Celtic and Falkirk.

Billie Urquhart came out as one of eleven mascots with the Falkirk team while Daniel Duffy came out with his favourite team, Celtic.
Young Peoples Futures were given the chance to nominate mascots for the game through the Winning Scotland Foundation.
Ann Lawrance, Project Manager of Young Peoples Futures, said: “Our staff were asked to put forward nominations.
“There were a number of factors that had to be taken into account including attendance, commitment to the project, the work they did on the programme and their behaviour in the project and also in the wider community.
“There were a number of nominations but Billie and Daniel topped the list.”
Billie, pictured second left in the front row, actually supports Celtic too and was accompanied to the match by her uncle.
Daniel, bottom left in the green shirts, went with his dad.
The youngsters thoroughly enjoyed their experience and after leading the teams onto the field took up their seats near the dugouts to watch the game which Celtic won 3-1.



Litter Hereos - Sapling to mark Jubilee


Youngsters from Keppoch Campus have been getting lessons on the environment as well as other green issues.
A ‘bug hotel’ has been established in the grounds and some of the pupils have also been involved in a clean up campaign.

Some of them are pictured with North Glasgow Housing Officer Terri McChesney.

Youngsters at Keppoch Campus have planted saplings to commemorate the Queens Jubilee.
The school was given 60 free saplings, including 4 from the Royal Estate to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s reign.
The school decided to buy another 800 saplings so that all of the children in the school, the nursery and stepping stones could take part.
Over 300 children and parents helped with the tree planting over two days. Children and parents planted a sapling and each of them had a dedication on it to a special person in their lives. Help was on hand including staff from Greenspace, teachers and local volunteers.
Also assisting were volunteers from ng2, the subsidiary of North Glasgow Housing Association, who gave up their lunchtime to come along. Housing officers also gave up their time to work alongside the children.
Head teacher Evelyn Gibson said: ”The children had a great time planting their saplings and it was great to see so many parents joining in. Many thanks too for all those who gave up their time to volunteer.”


Do you remember 1950, 1960, 1970 and even 1980 bc (before computers) when children would be out playing all day in the streets, backcourts and school playgrounds?
Yes, there were skint knees, tumbles and scrapes and coming back home with dirty hands and faces - but with big smiles. You could hear the laughter from the children as they looked at their streets as ‘one big adventure playground’. When building dens, playing skipping ropes, rounders, kick the can, marbles, riding their bikes and playing football kept them occupied for hours. Where have those days gone where children have lost the opportunity to ‘just play’? Research has shown that play is very important to a child’s development from the very early years and this helps them in their journey through life. It helps their brain development, communication with other children, problem solving, health and happiness.

Over the past year North Glasgow Housing Association has been supporting ‘traditional play activities’ through funding from Inspiring Scotland. The Playbusters ‘play rangers’ have been bringing back traditional play to Keppoch campus during lunch breaks. Housing Services staff Liz McMillan and Debbie McInally went along to Keppoch Campus during the recent spell of good weather to join in the fun. Debbie said: “It was brilliant to see the children having such a great time, playing peever, walking on stilts and playing ropes. It’s a pity we had to go back to the office, it was such great fun.” Liz added: “It reminded us of the games we used to play when we were at school”
Free Play Worker Gillian Quail said: “The children have been really enthusiastic about trying out all the equipment we take along, they really enjoy getting to draw with the chalk. We have a line of children all wanting to take part in the skipping.”

Head teacher Evelyn Gibson is delighted with the traditional play at Keppoch Campus, she said: “The children are really excited about Playbusters and the Go Play team coming in to the school and they look forward to it every week.”











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