Each homeowner is provided with their own unique ng property scotland (limited) payment card which is designed to make your payments quick, easy and convenient.


If you have a bank or building society account, the easiest and most reliable way to pay your management services account is by Direct Debit as this cuts out unnecessary administration by other third parties.


To help you keep your payments manageable, you can make your Direct Debit payments weekly, fortnightly, monthly.


From time to time ng property scotland (limited) promotes the uptake of direct debit payments and as a result can sometimes offer reduced service charges as the administration can be less costly.


Every Direct Debit benefits from (i) an immediate money back guarantee (if a mistake has been made) by your bank or building society, (ii) advance notice if the date or amount changes, (iii) the right to cancel the Direct Debit at any time.


NGMS Payment Card- use your NGMS card to pay by cash at any store displaying the Pay Point symbol. Your NGMS card is not a credit card or debit card and is supplied only to ensure that your money reaches your unique account. Contact a member of our staff to order your card.


Post Office - use your NGMS payment card to pay by cash, cheque or bank card at any Post Office.


Internet - log on to www.nghomes.net and click on the Allpay link. Have your NGMS payment card and bank card handy.


By Telephone During Office Hours- you can pay during office hours using your bank card by phone or in person at either of our offices in Springburn or Possilpark.


By Telephone Outwith Office Hours - Call 0844 557 8321 to make telephone payments outwith office hours and follow the simple instructions. You will need your NGMS payment card and bank card to use this facility.


Smart phone Apps- use your Apple or Android smart phone to make payments. Log on to www.allpay.net/app for further information.

Cheques- should be made payable to ng Property Scotland (Limited). Please write your account number, name and address on the reverse. You should allow 7 working days for cheques to be credited to your account.

Coming Soon- we are planning to introduce a bar code to our invoices which will allow owners to pay their bills by presenting the invoice at the Pay Point facilities and the Post Office without the need for a card. We will write to you when this facility is made available.

Contact our property services staff on 0141 560 6000 for more information on any of these payment methods.

Please note that we do not have the facilities to accept cash payments at either of our offices.


The Deed of Conditions makes it clear that each and every Homeowner has an obligation to pay their share of costs.

What is often misunderstood is that this obligation and burden can extend to each other as the Deed of Conditions often provides a mechanism whereby certain costs unpaid by one homeowner can actually fall to be paid by the remaining homeowners in the block.


Therefore, not only does the Factor have an obligation to pursue non payment of its own costs and charges, the Factor has an obligation to try and avoid situations where additional costs become a burden for homeowners due to the continued non payment of others.


What should also be borne in mind is that in most cases,ng property scotland (limited) has already paid the homeowners' share of insurance premiums, repairs and servicing costs. This is not a benefit you would enjoy if the services were being provided by a private Factor who would insist on all payments in full and in advance. In order for ng property scotland (limited) to continue providing this benefit, it is vitally important that you settle invoices promptly, preferably by Direct Debit or within 14 days using any of the other payment methods.


Homeowners who anticipate having difficulty making a payment should contact us as a matter of urgency. We will provide debt counselling, debt management and welfare benefit advice free of charge and generally do everything we can to agree repayment plans that are fair and reasonable.


Where homeowners consistently avoid meeting their financial obligations, or fail to agree satisfactory payment arrangements, or fail to meet the terms of a previous agreement, we will instruct legal action or implement other appropriate debt recovery methods to recover monies owed. The cost of such will be recovered together with the original debt. Measures to ensure payment prior to the sale of any property such as Notices of Potential Liability may also be put in place.

Included within the title deeds and other legislation is the facility to charge interest on overdue balances. This is generally stated as a percentage over the base rate with 8% being a typical excess charge. In instances where legal action for recovery of debts is unavoidable, interest may be applied.

Interest may also apply where any element of an account is overdue by one year or more.

ng property scotland (limited) has no desire to levy interest charges but may do so in certain circumstances in order to comply with Deeds of Conditions, while protecting the rights of all Homeowners and ensuring the continuing provision of services.












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