As Factor, we will arrange common repairs in compliance with the applicable Deed of Conditions.

Common repairs can vary from Deed to Deed. However, a number of common repairs are fairly typical and generally include (but are not limited to):-


- The roof, the roof tiles, chimney breasts, gutters and flashings.

- External elevations and down pipes.

- Common closes, stair treads, balustrades, handrails, close lighting.

- Common back courts, landscaped and hard standing areas, common structures and walls,boundary 
   fences, drying greens,  clothes poles, external lighting.

- Common footpaths, common open spaces, play areas and common private non-adopted   car parks.

- Controlled entry systems.

- Communal television and satellite systems.


To report a common repair during office hours:-  

- Telephone us on: 0141 560 6000 (select option 3) or 0141 336 1300 select option 3)

- Out of Office Hours you can telephone :  0800 595 595

- You can e-mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Prior to raising a works order, a Technical Officer will visit the common property and establish the nature and urgency of the repair while an Admin Officer will check each homeowner’s obligation within the appropriate Deed of Conditions.


Where the Deed of Conditions delegates authority to the Factor, and the cost of the work is less than £250 per homeowner (unless otherwise stated in the Deed of Conditions), we will raise the work order without further consultation.


In circumstances where a work order is likely to cost more than £250 per homeowner, we will arrange a meeting of all homeowners in accordance with the Deed of Conditions and formally vote on the proposal before proceeding.


Our repairs response timescales are:

- Emergency repairs:  complete within 24 hours

- Urgent repairs: complete within 3 working days

- Routine repairs: complete within 5 working days  


Generally, a repair is categorised as an Emergency if:-


- there is a high or significant threat to health and safety.

- there is a high or significant risk to the structure of the building.

- the property is left unsecure or vulnerable in some way.  


Generally a repair is categorised as Urgent where there is:-


- a medium or moderate threat to health and safety.

- a medium or moderate risk to the structure of the building.  


Generally a repair is categorised as Routine if there is:-


- a low threat to health and safety or the structure of the building.  


While the Factor may have responsibility for arranging repair work, the responsibility for paying the costs of the repair work lies equally with all homeowners.


Where the Factor has arranged work and met the cost of repairs on behalf of all homeowners, it is vitally important that homeowners pay subsequent invoices in full and within 14 days in order to prevent administration and legal costs rising.


While the Factor has no formal responsibility for arranging private repairs within individual homes, we may (at our discretion) order repairs subject to appropriate arrangements for access and payment of costs.











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