As well as fees for administration of the Factoring service. ng Property Scotland (Limited) must recharge for other items such as cyclical maintenance; Planned Investment and common repairs.


Cyclical Maintenance

Cyclical maintenance is work the Factor carries out over regular intervals to protect the property from falling into a state of disrepair.


The most common example of cyclical maintenance work is roof inspections and gutter cleaning which are carried out on a regular basis.


The cost of cyclical maintenance is usually less than £250 per homeowner and (unless otherwise stated in the Deed of Conditions) we will generally raise the work order without further consultation. In circumstances where a work order is likely to cost more than £250 per homeowner, we will arrange a meeting of all homeowners in accordance with the Deed of Conditions and formally vote on the proposal before proceeding.


Previously, works such as close and external painting were delivered in a cyclical programme. However, this was proving difficult to sequence given that wear and tear varies at different locations. This and other forms of maintenance and renewal now tend to be delivered as part of a planned investment programme.


Planned Investment

Planned Investment is work that the Factor carries out over less regular intervals to renew or replace major components of the property. The work is generally not required on an annual basis and can be delivered between five and thirty years, depending on the lifespan of components.


The most obvious examples of planned investment work are things like close and external painting, new roofs, external wall cladding etc. These works tend to cost more than £250 per homeowner, and are therefore subject to the provisions for proprietor meetings as laid down in the appropriate Deed of Conditions.











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