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Meet the Tenancy Support Team. North Glasgow HA wants to make sure that all of our tenants enjoy living in their homes but some people find it difficult to manage their tenancy for a number of reasons.
That’s why the Tenancy Support Team was established and has now been further developed. They can help new and existing tenants who are finding it hard to manage in their homes as well as help tenants gain new skills and become more independent.
Issues such as health problems, debt, drug and alcohol dependencies, mental health issues, or even difficulties in completing standard forms all affect how a person can manage a tenancy.
The Tenancy Support Team will give help and advice so tenants can meet the conditions of their tenancy agreement and live independently. They can also offer support in tenants’ own homes to ensure they do not feel isolated and unable to cope with problems they may be facing.
We can help:
• Access other organisations and service providers
• Advise on how to furnish your home and provide Starter Packs
• Improve personal safety and security
• Contact utility services
• Check benefits
• Apply for adaptations
We can also access support services to help you to develop your life skills; manage your money, budgeting and shopping, menu planning, cooking, literacy and numeracy.
How tenancy support is delivered?
A Tenancy Support Officer will discuss what support you need to maintain your tenancy. A support plan will set goals for you to achieve. Sometimes we will need to contact other agencies or organisations on your behalf for which we will obtain your permission.
If you think you need help, please contact the Tenancy Support team on 0141 560 6000 or 0141 336 1300.

North Glasgow’s concierge team operate a 24 hour 365 days a year service that provides assistance and support to many of our tenants particularly the elderly and  vulnerable.
To some people, they are the staff who remotely open the entrance door when visiting a block of flats.

But there is a lot more to the job than that. North Glasgow HA currently has 28 concierge staff. They work in a shift system to provide round the clock cover for Wellfield and Balgrayhill multis, Viewpoint place, Balgrayhill and Lenzie Deck and Broadholm street.
The concierge service provide out of hours emergency and support to the residents of the Associations sheltered housing complexes and are key holders for all the associations office premises. The Hub or control centre for the concierge service is situated in a purpose built building in Balgrayhill.
Concierge staff provide a janitorial service including stair cleaning, waste management, glass cleaning and daily de-littering and lift washing.
They sort out blocked rubbish chutes and have security patrols during the day and night.
A rota system has been introduced so staff work in all of the properties they look after so they can get to know tenants and vice versa.
Colin Leverage is one of four team leaders and transferred to north glasgow following the recent successful ballot. Colin said: “it’s now a different system. We were part of a much larger organisation and now we are more locally based. This means we can respond to local needs and make local changes to help tenants in our areas. “We have contact with the chief executive and others in the organisation and they are willing to listen to suggestions on how changes can be made to improve the service for both staff and tenants.”
All staff know how to turn off the water in properties and that can minimise damage from leaks and mean quicker repairs.
Colin says: “We are very much a community based service. We are here to help tenants and having someone here 24-hours per day gives them peace of mind. They know help is at hand and so do their relatives.”
Concierge staff also make mobile patrols and have a designated vehicle to get help to colleagues quickly.
Colin added: “people have noticed the changes and we trying to provide a full service. there are areas where we could do with more help from tenants, such as dog
fouling, and dumping of unwanted goods.”

The Carron area is getting a major facelift as part of a £3.5million investment in the area

ng homes has been in negotiations with Scottish Gas who are operating a carbon reduction programme on behalf of the Government. Now the energy giant is delivering a programme of  housing improvements that will lead to lower carbon emissions and reduced heating bills for tenants and owners alike.


The project includes:


  • New insulated overcladding
  • New ‘A’ rated condensing boilers and new radiators to replace old or obsolete systems
  • Free home energy advice
  • Relocation of satellite dishes to roof masts
  • New gutters and downpipes if required


Work started on 23rd April and will be complete by October 2012. Tenants and owners were invited to an open day in February where they met with housing staff and representatives of Scottish Gas. They were able to view images of how the houses in the area will look after the overcladding work.


ng homes Chief Executive Robert Tamburrini said: “This is another great project and a further demonstration of our commitment to maintain and improve the quality of housing in our area. “Tenants and owners alike will benefit greatly from the improvements in the short and long term. “The changes in appearance will be almost  instant and the subsequent savings in energy costs will prove very helpful in the years ahead.”











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