ng homes provides a housing support service to approximately 170 tenants across Possilpark and Springburn. The main aim of our service is to deliver a high quality housing support service that enables tenants, with differing needs, to live independently in sheltered or very sheltered housing and other settings.


The service objectives are:-

- Tenants can live independently in their own homes

- Maintain their chosen lifestyle

- Be treated as individuals who have unique needs

- Have personal independence and choice promoted at all times

- Have their personal dignity and privacy respected

- Have their social, religious, cultural and emotional needs respected

- Participate in an assessment of their needs and in creating their own  housing support plan

- Receive support to maintain skills

- Participate in regular reviews of their needs

- Have access to advocacy and representation as appropriate


The Care Inspectorate regulates care services in Scotland and ng homes most recent inspection was in 2013.

You can read the report in full on the Care Inspectorate's Website:


Sheltered Housing Phone Numbers


Barloch Street 0141 336 5417

Carron Crescent 0141 558 6505

Gourlay Street 0141 558 5325

Hawthorn Street 0141 336 4313 and 0141 336 6518

Kemp Street 0141 558 8349











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