Applying for Membership of ng homes

 North Glasgow Housing Association (also known as ng homes) is a not for profit, charitable housing association, working in communities throughout the North of Glasgow.  This page explains how to become a member of the Association.  


Why become a member?

As a member of the Association:

• You will become a lifetime shareholder in the Association (but you will not receive any financial return on your £1 share)

• You can vote at all annual or special general meetings, for example to elect the members of the Association’s Board.

• You can stand for election to the Board yourself, or nominate other people who are members for election.


Who can become a member?

We have an open membership policy and welcome membership applications from all sections of the local community. 


To become a member, you must:

• Be aged 16 or over

• Live in the North of Glasgow, in a community where we work.


We are especially keen to encourage the Association’s tenants and service users to become members, along with people who live permanently in our tenants’ households.


Other local residents who are not tenants or service users can also apply for membership.

Everyone who applies to become a member must agree to support the Association’s aims and objectives, which are:

• To provide high quality affordable homes and services  

• To regenerate our local communities


Sending your application

Please request an application form from Aileen Whiteford, ng homes, 50 Reidhouse St, G21 4LS (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0141 560 6000) 


• We only accept applications from individuals.  We will not accept bulk applications from organised groups. 

• Please use the form you got from us rather than a photocopy.  This helps us make sure you are the person who has sent in the form to us.

• Remember to fill in our equal opportunities form too, and return this with your membership application.


Approval of membership applications

The Association’s Board decides whether to approve or reject membership applications.  If your application is approved: 

• You will become a member and your name will be entered in the Register of Members. 

• We will send you a copy of our Rules and your Membership Certificate.


Keep your membership up to date

Our Rules say that membership can be ended if:

• You do not tell us if you change address (unless you are a tenant of the ng homes)

• You do not attend 5 annual general meetings in a row (or send in apologies, or appoint somebody else to attend on your behalf at a general meeting).


Please bear these rules in mind, to make sure you stay a member


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